Bottega Veneta: Reliving and Re-defining the Attitude Towards Change

Bottega Veneta: Reliving and Re-defining the Attitude Towards Change

The Italian brand, Bottega Veneta, is located in Milan, Italy. This powerhouse was established by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, in 1966, as a fashion outlet. It gained instant popularity due to its Intrecciato leather-weaving serving the fashion demands of the world’s style-fans.

This fashion house, purchased by Gucci group in 2001, has given it a new slogan, ‘stealth wealth.’ Daniel Lee has supported the position of creative director since 2018. The company’s present CEO is Bartolomeo, who takes care of its famous product lines set of ready-to-wear, jewellery, handbags, shoes, etc. 


The popularity of Bottega Veneta handbags is so much that Hollywood actress Lauren Hutton came on screen after carrying its design in American Gigolo in 1980. This brand is famous for its cross-body chains with Intrecciato of maxi features all over the body. It’s exclusive pieces made with Nappa leather weaved at right angles to each other.

Designers make it more stylish by adding magnetic closure makes the shoulder cross-body bag, and an interior zipped pocket make these handbags handy for their carrier. 


The delicate flannel, Savile row wool makes the Bottega Veneta men’s jacket popular among all ages. Its speciality is the folded Bottega Veneta’s three-dimensional signature that keeps the brand name alive among the brand’s shoppers. Among the jackets for women, most of the brand users prefer tight-fitting and crochet-knit woollen wear. The collar around the neck makes the appearance of the person lovely.

Among the T-shirts and polo’s, the crew neck, cotton T-shirts are the first choice among all its buyers. Moreover, the short sleeves make the appearance look cool on the people. The lightweight, cotton-finished T-shirt with crew neck makes it a recommendable choice among fashion-centric women.



Men’s tire and rug boots come with a chunky sole with elastic side panels and loops on the back and front. This pull-on style Chelsea boot has got a round toe that feels like a weight. For women, these boots have layered rug-sole and are calf-length. They have flexible leather tabs and side panels.


The accessories such as sunglasses, belts, jewellery, etc., are very famous among all genders. The gent’s sunglasses come with a flat-top and are smooth squared. The detail is of metal ribbon. While for ladies, these are available in cat’s eye, oval-shaped, etc. The temple present in both the categories of sunglasses comes with signature ribbon detail.

The belts for gents are seamless straps and lightweight. They are made of calfskin and have characteristics of metal triangle pin buckle. For ladies, it has got elastic metal finish with flexible tube-shaped material. These belts have snap-closure.

The scarves for both men and women come with a shearling finish. Some of them have fringe details without any lining.


Bottega Veneta has shown the world that it is never late to start anew. It has always kept its clients’ zeal at high with its initial launch as Intrecciato and later, being launched by Gucci house as Stealth Wealth. Its newly diversifying product line is beyond the expectations of the shoppers. And, of course, it is not only meeting those expectations of shoppers but also re-defining style in a new way.


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