Thorough Review on the Bioderma Micellar Water – Sensibio H2O

Bioderma Micellar Water review

Who does not want to find the perfect make-up remover? The one that can deliver spectacular results – leave our skin feeling clean and looking fabulous. Most of us will try a large number of products before you can find the one that truly fits your preferences and needs. Well, the quest is over. I have managed to find the perfect make up remover that can be used by the majority of women out there.

Below is my Bioderma Micellar Water review. Today you can learn more about it, and benefit from the already tested product.

What Is the Sensibio H2O by Bioderma?

Sensibio H2O is an amazing make-up remover that tends to sooth your skin and offers some powerful cleanser properties. It is a non-rinse product that you can use all day long, without making your skin dry.  Sensibio H2O is fragrance-free and has some effective ingredients in it. It is an ultra-mild product.

In short, it:

  • Perfectly cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes.
  • Guarantees excellent tolerance.
  • Soothes irritated skin and minimises redness.
  • Provides an immediate feeling of freshness.
  • Alcohol-free. No phenoxyethanol.

The Sensibio H2O contains water, glycerides, cucumber extract and mannitol. All of these ingredients have been specifically selected to hydrate your skin and cleanse your face leaving no make-up trace. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up.

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Sensibio H2O review

How to Use the Sensibio H2O

The use of this product is actually quite easy. All you have to do is to soak a cotton pad with the product and gently clean your face and eyes from make-up. You can use it even if you haven’t applied any make-up at the end of the day. Just to hydrate and refresh your skin.

Use as many pads as necessary in order to leave a clean and make-up free skin. This amazing product doesn’t need any rising, but I found it is important to dry your skin well afterwards. I normally use a smooth cotton towel or a tissue to carefully dry my face. Sensibio H2O can be used daily, morning and evening followed by your regular skin care routine.

Things I Like about Sensibio H2O

  • First of all, Bioderma Micellar Water can remove even a water-resistant make-up. Unlike other effective makeup removers I have tried, Sensibio H2O leaves the skin hydrated. Additionally, it restores your skin’s balance due to its soap free ingredients.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, then you have probably experienced some irritations in your face skin in the past after using a micellar water. This product will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. My eyes never feel irritated too.
  • Finally, this product has been thoroughly tested. It is the result of many reviews and research. The manufacturers made sure your skin will be cleansed without any damage.


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