Best Fashion Colours for Winter 2017/2018

Best Fashion Colours for Winter

The weather is getting colder, especially for the last couple of weeks in London. Winter is officially here, and so are the new trends for the season! Let’s see more about the chromatic palette of fashionistas, so as to get inspired and create our own outfit magic.

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Sparkling Dreams

Shine is one of the trademarks of the season. So if you had to choose just one of the top fashion colours for winter 2017/2018, this would be it! Silvery lights and golden glows, striking fabrics that shimmer like the moon on the sea surface. There is something magical about these textures, making them unique for a modern look.

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Blue as Far as the Eye Can See

Dusky blue is an excellent trend for autumn. You can wear it throughout the day for a modest yet elegant outfit. With the proper accessories, your look is transformed into glamorous! Navy blue is another option for those who love this colour, as well as electric blue for an even more eccentric touch.

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This seems more of a classic that one of the fashion colours for winter 2017/2018. However, red deserves a place on this list, especially thanks to the intensity of the red lipstick that complements all outfits. You can never go wrong with a total red dress, red high heels or a red scarf!

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Orange and Yellow

Vibrant colours return for this season, dominating your wardrobe with the necessary moderation. Just a spice of colour in everyday outfits makes a difference. Orange and yellow are two of the most vivacious fashion colours, able to boost your looks and make you the queen of the runway.


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Have you missed khaki? It returns as one of the top fashion colours for winter 2017/2018. Highlighting military details, this special colour is easy to wear from early morning till late in the evening. In satin textiles, it becomes even more impressive. The perfect safari colour is here, taking the runway by storm.

How to Choose and Wear a Trench Coat


This is an all-time favourite colour for autumn and winter. It reminds us of retro, a timeless escape in fashion. You can wear it with black accessories, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your looks. Beige is a subtle colour, but it can be used as a versatile basis on which to create true masterpieces!

silk lace top with ruffles

Pink Palette

A girl’s best colour perhaps could not be left out of the best fashion colours for winter 2017/2018. You can find it in various shades, resembling candy or cherry pink and raspberry. There are literally endless combinations for you to choose from, according to your stylistic demands and desires.

So there you have it! These are the top colours for this season, as fashionistas have shown the world. Mix and match them according to your personal signature and enjoy the marvellous chromatic combos of winter 2017/2018. Enjoy the rainbow!


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