Benefit Rise and Prime Event

Benefit Rise and Prime Event

Today I wanted to tell you all about my wonderful experience at the Benefit Rise and Prime event. The event was held to celebrate Benefit Cosmetics’s new 2016 primer and skincare range in a fabulous old cafe in Southwark. I had originally been confused with the location as I was pretty sure Benefit did not have a designated store in Southwark, but off I went to find out what it was all about!

Benefit Rise and Prime Event in London

Once I got to the Benefit rise and Prime event destination, I found that it was not a store, but a quiet old cafe. Outside the door were two big blow up Pore Fessional products, which greeted me as I went through the doors. I was greeted by a whole team of Benefit staff, who welcomed me in with open arms.

After signing in, I was introduced to a lady called Lauren Hogsden, who took me over to a little table in the corner. The tables themselves were dressed beautifully. They all had a matching blue and white table cloths. Teacups and flowers were all laid out to be admired!

the pore fessional matte rescue

Once I had stopped admiring the table decor, I was then shown their new product range, which will be launching at the end of January. Lauren then talked me through each new product, what it did, how it worked and how you use them.

The first product shown to me was their latest primer called Pore Fessional Matte Rescue. The product is a gel based product perfect for dry skin, which also contains diamond powder (*yes ladies there are real diamonds in there). This primer’s aim is to smooth and refine pores, allowing your foundation to look flawless and photo ready! (*snap!snap!)

The second product shown at Benefit Rise and Prime event to me was the Pore Fessional Instant Wipeout Masks. This product immediately caught my eye with its packaging alone! The briefcase style box which even came designed with a handle for an easy carriage. The masks are created to purify your skin and can be used on your nose, chin and forehead. To activate the solution within the mask there is a big blue button that you press. This releases the purifying solution making it ready to be applied to your chosen area.

Lauren explained that you are to leave the smooth side of the mask on for tminutesets then after that time use the other side, which is bumpy, to exfoliate and remove any dirt or dead skin cells from the area. Some of the ingredients in this product are tea tree, which hazel and mushroom extract all great for the skin! This product is sold as a pack of eight, so should last for up to two months!

benefit hello flawless foundation

I absolutely love what Benefit cosmetics stand for, their packaging and branding is so unique and creative. It always leaves me wanting to buy more (*not good for my bank balance! But very good for how I look). I really loved attending this Benefit Rise and Prime event and would like to thank everyone at Benefit Cosmetics for inviting me along to see their latest beauty products!

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  1. 23 January 2016 / 6:44 PM

    I love Benefit, I’ve used their products for years.

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