Pampering Sessions

Learn how to create a home spa and truly relax with minimal effort. Also, find out what products to use to create the most relaxing Sunday pampering sessions. In this column I share my beauty regime and secrets. In addition, I discuss skincare products and beauty treatments  that help to maintain youthful skin and peace of mind. Take a sneak peek of how I do my pampering sessions. And use my recommendations to feel like a million dollars. I suggest to treat yourself to a massage, facials and spa every now and then. This will  revitalise your body and lift the spirits. All of us need to indulge once in a while and I believe it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Today I’d like to share with you my review on The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea product. But first I’d love to tell you a story of my long love with The Body Shop products and at the same time start a new column on my blog – Beauty.  A long time ago I was a HUGE fan of The Body Shop. Every time I was travelling abroad, I’d buy at least three different body butter (* my favourite one is still pink grapefruit), body scrubs and some almond treats from the Almond Hand and Nail collection. I remember…

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