90s Fashion Trends For Women 

90s Fashion Trends For Women 

90s fashion has so many similarities with respect to today’s’ fashion such as chockers were in the hot trends in 90s same as today along with silk gowns and skirts etc. However, there are many things that purely belong to 90s fashion trends for women. What are those?

Here are the 90s fashion trends for women.

Roxy Caps

Roxy p caps were so much in the 90s fashion trends and all the girls love to carry them. It wasn’t necessary to carry a tomboy looks but overall girls loved it. They were also called as adventurous or skating caps but without skating. It was one of the top trends for teenage girls as well as women while walking past on an evening while carrying Roxy caps. 

Chain belts

Another thing which was too amongst the 90s fashion trends for women was chains to wrap around jeans, waists, and even carry on the wrists. People were stunned when Bella Hadid came with belly Chain awaking back the trends of the 90s era. These chains were carried by women of all ages even young girls and were considered as the most fashionable thing for the 90s era.


Camo Flag Printed Pants 

This is another thing from the 90s fashion trends that you can see much on the roads even in the 22nd century, the women wearing pants with camo flag prints. The trend was first ever introduced in the era of 90 and not just women but men were also much into following this trend. Shorts, jackets, caps, and jeans all with camo flag prints were as famous as the trend is doing these days. 


Mood Rings 

Do you remember the mood rings from Mary and Max? Mary used to wear a mood ring to let her know what her mental condition was. Well, the idea came from the 90s fashion trends as mood rings were so popular that time among women and men both. However, women used to be more conscious about it and you can find plenty of fashionable mood ring designs for women from the era 90.

Scarf Tops

Though T-shirts are love and always been in trends however in the 90s the real love for women was scarf tops. You can find so many movies, ads, and dramas from the era of 90 and see women carrying scarf tops. These tops used to have a curvy triangle on the front with two strips on the arms for carrying. Famous singer Shakira also filmed a song in Scarf Top according to the trends.

Platform Sneakers

With too high heels, platform sneakers also used to be the love of fashionable women in the era of the 90s. Their heels used to be very high and used to cover the sole of the whole shoe. Thanks to the spice girls which introduced the trend and used it many times in their songs specially Wannabe song by spice girls. 

These all are the top 6 trends from 90s fashion for women. 


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