5 Ways to Become a Digital Nomad

5 Ways to Become a Digital Nomad

Have you ever fancied traveling the world and making money? Most people think that this is just a pipe dream, but for some people, it’s their life. So how do you become a digital nomad and travel the world? Here are some of the easiest ways to make this dream a reality.

Freelance Writer

One of the best things about being a freelance writer is that you can write from anywhere there is a wifi signal and you can start with no experience. You could easily move from country to country and not break your stride with your writing. All you might have to be mindful of is the time zones for your deadlines. Having good time management skills is a big plus, especially if you want to write on the move. 

Run your own Dropshipping Business

Some of the biggest companies in the world are dropshipping businesses, and many people are releasing the potential of these companies. Dropshipping is different from a lot of other companies because you don’t handle any of the goods yourself, you just manage the storefront digitally. This means the start-up costs are a fraction of a regular business. Many people find the first few months to be tough but once they are up and running, they often turn into six or seven-figure businesses.

Travel Blogger

In fairness, any type of blogging can be classed as a digital nomad but if you are a travel blogger there is a good chance that you will be traveling. This has its perks but you may need to speak to an immigration solicitor about your rights to work and travel in different countries. The places you travel will be the source for your content, which in turn will fund your travels. As fun as it sounds, travel bloggers tend to get burnt out after a few years so you should have a backup plan ready for when you want to step back


The business of photography is growing every day as more businesses search for stock images. Believe it or not, it is easy to start your own photography business, especially if you can take unusual and never-before-seen snaps. The internet is always looking for new content, and stock photos help to create and support online content. You don’t even need a fancy camera to get started, many people have started with their camera phones.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant can be a tough job but thankfully, it can be done anywhere in the world. The aim of the assistant is to handle jobs such as social media and scheduling content. It can be a lot of busy work but it can be fun to do and pays well. You might be able to work for more than one person at a time so you will always be busy. Time management skills and attention to detail are a must because part of the job can be spotting errors as you work through your daily task list.

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