5 Things That Waste Your Time and Life

5 Things That Waste Your Time and Life

The deeper you get into the world of personal development, you will realise how limited you are with respect to your time and focus on life. There are a number of things that we do which ultimately results in a wastage of life and our precious time. Quite surprisingly, we do many of these things without even realising the severity of the consequences that they can have on us. In the end, we end up unsuccessful and right at the bottom from where we started.

To help you with your personal development, I have compiled a comprehensive list of 5 things that waste your time and life below.

Complaining and Creating Drama

A lot of people like to create drama in their lives in order to get entertainment out of it. Such people love conflicts and enjoy being in the spotlight. However, such an attitude and behaviour will not lead you anywhere. Indeed, creating a drama can turn you into the superstar for that hour, but it will result in nothing but emotional and mental drainage. Most importantly, it will take a big chunk of your precious time.

So avoid taking everything very seriously and try to adopt a calm approach to the problems in your life. At the same time, prepare to work on your problems rather than sitting on your couch to complain about them all day. Take control!


Are you not in the mood to complete that pending assignment of yours? In case you are not doing anything that is extremely important, or are chilling on your couch with Netflix on, you have fallen prey to procrastination. Procrastination prevents most people to grow because it stops them from working on themselves. So this is for sure the last thing that you want to adopt in your life.

Surrounding Yourself with People You Don’t Like

It is said that good social interaction is the fuel for a productive life. However, in case you happen to surround yourself with way too many people, you will not get anything out of it. Instead, you will end up losing whatever energy and time that you have left for yourself to them. So limit the people surrounding you to those, who are uplifting and can engage in productive activities.

Trying to Please Everyone

No one in the world carries the ability to please everyone. No matter how many people like you, there is always that one person who is going to cuss words behind your back. Trying to please everyone is not only practically impossible, but it also takes away a big chunk of your time and energy all for nothing. So rather than seeking approval of others, learn to love and appreciate yourself. Having such a mindset, you will never feel the need to please everyone anymore.


Do you know? Most relationships that go down the drain are a result of overthinking. Overthinking is more like a disease that slowly eats you from inside, taking away all your mental energy, and preventing you from focusing on anything productive. As a result of this, you may suffer financial loss, personal loss, or educational loss. All of which hinders your personal development. So avoid overthinking, and learn to take a more rational approach to the problems in your life.

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