5 Summer Underwear Trends To Know

5 Summer Underwear Trends To Know
  1. New for this year in the organic hemp underwear; hemp bikini lines for women. This comes in all the styles you see in traditional stores. The g-string, low-rise, and boy-cut. For men, trunks. Organic hemp is naturally antibacterial, anti-microbial, eco-friendly, breathable and dry. Most types of underwear are seamless and it will not chafe, itch, or cause discomfort. The underwear will not fade, bleed, or lose its shape. Organic hemp is a natural protectant of the harmful rays of the sun. T-shirts are often worn as shirts undershirts. This allows the wearer to remove the outer layer when they get warm. This makes a lot of sense when you consider the trends for summer.
  2. Women’s seamless boxers are a big hit in organic hemp this year. It is trendy and so cute. What’s new for the guys? Try the seamless man-panty!
  3. The summer t-shirt is always a big hit. When the t-shirt is breathable, virtually never gets damp, eco-friendly, and super soft, you will never want anything else.
  4. Stay Well! We all know about the problem with super viruses that do not seem to ever go away. Cotton has been called the dirtiest fabric due to the pesticides that must be used on the raw plants, Hemp is organic and is a natural antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly fabric. Companies that make scrubs are now making scrubs to cut back on the number of staph infections shared at medical facilities. At home, hemp underwear thrown into a hamper will not have the germs of UTI’s, Yeast infections, of bacterial infections which can transfer to other delicate items. This trend is all about getting rid of that which can make you sick and staying healthy.
  5. Uni-sex cuts! We are no longer letting corporate authority choose our underwear! The current and we hope forever trend is seamless comfort with the proper cut for our bodies and designed for our comfort and not for what others think. There are boxers made for women. There are panties made for men. There are cuts that are somewhere in between. The boy cut has a permanent place. We want to look cute and sexy, in a cut that we like. Just like men are wearing their own makeup this year, women are refusing to wear their boyfriend’s boxers.


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