5 Reasons Why People Buy More Clothes Than They Need

5 Reasons Why People Buy More Clothes Than They Need

The number of things we possess in current times is astounding. With the advancement of technology, our standard of life has raised through the roof, even though the news would make it seem otherwise.  On average we have bigger homes, bigger storages, better cars and whatever else you could think of.

It is no different when it comes to clothes. Especially now that each stock is so easily accessible, that you could press a few buttons and have the delivery guy be driving towards your home with your items. Nevertheless, the question is – why people buy more clothes they don’t need?  It only makes sense that once you don’t need something you wouldn’t buy it. The moment we answer this question is the moment we save time and resources and focus on more important, goals.

Today I share the top 5 reasons you are buying things you don’t need. Can you recognise yourself? 

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We Believe It Will Make Us Happy and Drive Our Insecurities Away

That might make us seem materialistic, but let us be honest. In current society, almost everyone is materialistic to some extent. We connect the strived for more with actual bigger, more expensive possessions; it’s the same when it comes to clothes. Being able to afford such things remove the insecurity of how we perceive ourselves. None of this is actually productive for people, but it is so.

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Advertising Affects Us Much More Than You Think

We are constantly being blasted by ads. Some research has shown that on average a person in the developed societies sees roughly 5,000 ads each day. The nephew of Freud – Edward Bernays managed to connect feelings and emotions with an advertisement. That is why each advertisement promises to make our lives better as long as we buy the product. After being exposed to the message for so long, it begins affecting us subtly.

Unfortunately, people keep buying fully priced items, even if they can’t really afford it. What they don’t realise, is that nowadays plenty of items are very overpriced – we pay for all the ads we see. Moreover, companies overproduce the items in order to cover the demand. As a result, these days there are many websites such as dealsqueen, for example, which provide you with lots of discount codes to buy items cheaper. I think it’s always a reasonable thing to check deals before making a purchase. But don’t get tempted to buy more!

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Jealousy Sometimes Drives Us to Irrationality

We observe other people buying different kinds of clothes with better quality, cut and style and we compare them to ourselves.  It is a part of our nature and society encourages it as well. That is how we end up with clothes we don’t need, just because our friends have something similar.

Being a personal stylist, I see wardrobes of my clients regularly and I have noticed things they have in common. Often, people have more clothes than they need and they always end up not wearing it. Jealousy and insecurity drive people to get more and more things because it makes them feel better about themselves.

In my opinion, it’s important to have items in your wardrobe that you love and use. Therefore, only buy those that you feel good about, that will fit perfectly in your collection and that look nothing like you have already. Working with my clients on de-cluttering their wardrobes, made me re-think my wardrobe too. These days, I only invest in fashion items that I actually need and will wear regularly. I prefer to buy items made of natural materials too, which makes them last for longer.

Why People Buy more clothes They Don't Need

For example, this asymmetric black shirt fits perfectly in my wardrobe and personal style. It’s sophisticated but has a twist to it at the same time. Moreover, I have no similar item in my closet and it’s made of a 100% cotton. This means it will last me for a very long time and I will always feel comfortable wearing it. I believe it’s important to choose the items you adore and buy them because they will be used, rather than because you want to feel better about yourself.

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We Think We Should Impress Other People

I don’t know a single person that would confess this, but it is a fact. Once we’ve reached a certain point in the pyramid of Maslow and our basic security and needs have been met, then we try to display our value and success out to the world. After all, how could you be of importance, if nobody knows it?

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We Are Too Selfish and Try to Compensate For Things That Don’t Exist

We are all naturally pre-programmed to be selfish. Some people manage to deal with that, others don’t, but at the end of the day, I could make a case of how selfishness helps progress. It drives us to possess more things, which in many ways drives us to develop new inventions. However, when it comes to clothes they mainly compensate for the lack of confidence in one’s self.

All of these are good reasons, which explain why you would be buying things you don’t need. The good part is that all of these “traps” are avoidable if you are aware of them.


Have you recognised yourself in one (or more) of these reasons why you might be buying more than you need? Do you think it worth re-thinking?

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  1. 7 June 2017 / 3:56 PM

    Hahah I’m definitely guilty of buying clothes to feel happier. Not the best solution, of course, but luckily it’s been clothing pieces that I still love and wear. But yes, we definitely need to become more specific with our consumption! Xx


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