5 Reasons Why Not to Follow Fashion Trends

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There are many young women out there who want to be considered as fashionistas. For that reason, they follow all important fashion designers, buy the latest fashion items and always stay on top of the most popular trends. If you find this a rather tiring process and you want to choose a different path, stop being a fashion victim today.

I have teamed up with Ribena Doodle Your World to share 5 reasons why you need to stop following fashion trends. WOW! That’s a statement. But bear with me! Fun and friendly #Ribenary characters helped me to make this content even more entertaining for you.

5 Reasons Why Not to Follow Fashion Trends

  1. Fashion Trends Do Not Last

Remember the amazingly trendy skirt that you bought last summer? The one that you loved so much and you can’t wait to wear this year again? Well, you can’t, at least not if you want to be considered as a fashion icon. In order to keep it up, you have to constantly refresh your wardrobe and splurge on new clothes, bags and shoes. If you don’t want to do this or can’t afford to buy everything trendy (and there is a lot!), then, perhaps, you should stop following all fashion trends and, perhaps, go for a more classic look which can be complimented with fashionable accessories (perhaps).

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  1. Fashion and Motivation

Most people want to keep up with fashion trends because they make them feel important and good about themselves. Let’s face it, you follow fashion in order to be likeable by other fashionistas that do the same thing. Stop this vicious circle of unhappiness and start wearing the things that you love and feel comfortable in.

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  1. Fashion Dictates Weirdness

There is no doubt you have watched many designer runways. Do you really believe you could wear those clothes? Haute Couture is a form of art, it’s an inspiration for your wardrobe. It does not dictate the actual style, it gives you a direction. You can admire the latest extravagant things that designers have created, but still, wear regular clothes that bring up the best in you.

Fashion Trends Do Not Last

  1. Stand Out

Your wardrobe is a very personal space and it contains things you love. Instead of wearing the same garments everyone is wearing at the moment, make your own identity and stand out from the crowd. Choose clothes that look good on you and wear them proudly. This is a whole new level of confidence and everyone will pick up on that.

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  1. Budget Wise

These days people spend so much money on a fast fashion, that they have to limit other things in their life. When you stop following fashion trends, you will find some extra money on a side. Use them wisely, to spend on beautiful memories and relaxation. Maybe you can even afford a vacation to an exotic island one day!

Instead of spending a fortune every year on clothing and shoes, create your own capsule wardrobe with clothes you know look great on you. Fill your closet with unique pieces that you get to wear over and over again. Say goodbye to your habit of buying trending items, stay happy and stylish in your own way.

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Don’t forget you must always keep accessories and clothes that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. This is the time to run your life and your personal style, exactly as you want it to be.


Do you follow fashion trends blindly?

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