5 Reasons Why Exercising Outdoors is Better Than Gym

Did you know that the environment you choose to exercise can affect your physical and mental health? Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, you may no longer be able to exercise at your favourite gym. But exercising outdoor is better than going to the gym, anyway.

In this article, I share why exercising outdoor is better than the gym.

Better Mental Health

Exercising at an outdoor place such as a park can improve your mental wellbeing.  According to studies, exercising outdoor is associated with positive engagement, a decrease of tension, confusion, anger and depression etc. Apart from that, the energy of the person is highly increased by being outside. Start with doing your exercises in your garden or backyard and continue with going to the bigger parks and, maybe, even joining the group of people at the boot camp or similar.

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It’s important to wear proper gear when exercising. Sport clothes and trainers are designed to not only look good but to actually support your body while you active, provide good temperature control, support your blood circulation, help with posture. My two top sports brands are Nike for trainers and LNDR for clothing. When I wear my Nike trainers and a leggings and sports bra set from LNDR, it gets me into the active mode and I feel very sporty right away!

More Exposure to Vitamin D

The exercising outdoor can make you more exposure to the direct sunlight. It will give you Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for our body to absorb Calcium. Did you know that Calcium Absorption helps in the growth of bones?

There are supplements to get Vitamin D, but sunlight is the most effective source. Moreover, it fades away the depression, helps better sleep, boost your immune system and prevent osteoporosis as well. So exercising outdoors is better than going to a gym. But you should be careful not to expose to the excessive sunlight which can cause sunburns and dehydration.


It is Free of Charge

Yes. Exercising outdoors is free compared to a monthly gym membership. If you quit your gym, you will be able to invest those gym membership payments for your own better health. You can purchase more healthy foods and other exercising accessories. Moreover, you no longer have to drive to your gym. Instead, you a run or walk into a nearby park and start your workout sessions immediately.

Pleasant and Changes in Environment

Pleasant and Changes in Environment

When you exercise outdoors, you can easily change the place that you are going to work out the next day.  But when you are going to a gym, it will be stuffy, dark and same sceneries every day. Therefore, exercising outdoor will bring you a new experience every day while giving you a bright and fresh setting. It will give you a joyful mood as well. And you will start loving yourself more!

More Connected with Neighbours

Working out at a nearby park will allow you to meet your neighbours. While exercising outdoors to enhance your physique, being in touch with your community will benefit your mental health as well. This would also help to have valuable human interactions as well.

If you are working out at a gym you may have to listen to songs or workout alone with less human interactions. Therefore, working outside is very effective for interacting and building new relationships.

You must not forget to bring a bottle of water, a good pair of running shoes, a cap and sun protection. They will make it easy to work outside without any difficulties.


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