5 must have dresses to have in your wardrobe

5 must have dresses to have in your wardrobe

There are moments in our lives where we are in a hurry and do not have enough time to purchase a proper dress for the occasion. Therefore, every woman should fill their wardrobes with dresses that are good to go which cover any occasion including a funeral, party, brunch or maybe a quick date.

Here are the top five essential dresses that you should have in your wardrobe.

Sequin Dresses

1. Sequin Dresses

The sparkling sequin dresses are the best way to stand out in the crowd. You can wear them for holiday events, night outs or even for family parties etc.  I recommend you to select any colour that you prefer, but keep in mind to choose a colour that matches your skin tone. Moreover, follow these rules to keep the attention to yourself while being classy:

  • Skip your expensive jewellery – less is more here
  • Pair it with solid stockings and heels
  • Wear your sequin dresses as a skirt and wear a blouse or a blazer over it. (Ex: – If you are attending an after-work party)
  • Accessorize the sequin dresses with a pearl choker necklace

2. Black Satin Dresses

A black satin dress with a mini bag and heels for a night out or a date night is a worthy vibe. The major advantage of these black satin dresses is that you can easily dress down or up when you wish by adding extra layers to the dresses. The black satin material will give you a vibe of a goddess because of their sophisticated and shiny look. But if you want, you can dress down black satin dresses by pairing them with a pair of black floral boots or a blue denim jacket.


Knitted Jumper Dresses

3. Knitted Jumper Dresses

Knitted jumper dresses are a lifesaver on winter season. When it is getting colder it requires thick materials to be worn. But we cannot wear a sweater for every occasion. So knitted jumper dresses are another staple that you should have in your wardrobe. There are a number of advantages of knitted jumper dresses.

  • Softness, Stretch and Warmth makes it easy to wear
  • Easy care -Durable and wrinkle resistant and they are less likely to lose the colour and shapes of the dress

If it is your first one, I recommend you to go for a solid colour dress. The solid colours are perfect for a formal occasion as well. But if you are not willing to select a solid colour you can try out something subtle. Moreover, you can add an extra vibe to your knitted jumper dress by pairing it with a leather belt.

A Llittle White Dress

4. A Little White Dress

You may avoid owning a white dress because it may get dirty easily.  But it represents the pure and white looks gorgeous if you accessorise them properly. If you do not like to own a plain white dress you can select a lace white dress which screams the glamour.  Hence it would add more feminine and elegance to your overall look as well.  But you should be aware to wear the undergarment which matches your own skin complexion.

I recommend an ankle bootie if you wear your white dress at day time and strappy bootie or a heel for an evening look. Golden and silver jewellery are the perfect match for a white dress to enhance the elegance, but you should keep in mind to match the jewellery colours to the colour of your shoes. If you wear a pair of golden shoes, you should wear golden earrings, necklaces and a belt.



5. A Floral Dress

The final dress you should have in your wardrobe is a versatile floral dress which can be paired with a variety of accessories.  You can choose a mini floral pattern or a larger floral pattern as you wish. But I do not recommend large floral printed dresses for a person who owns a shapely body. Because an oversized floral pattern would add an extra pound to your body. Therefore, spend enough time to find the perfect floral print for your body type and purchase them online or at the store.

Fill up your wardrobe with these must-have dresses in your collection of dresses and show off that you got the fashion sense within you while saving your time at the same time.


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