5 Main Pros and Cons of Being A Freelancer

5 Main Pros and Cons of Being A Freelancer

A freelancer is a person who does work individually or as a team rather than working for a regular job. For example, a writer, designer, web developer, photographer and blogger can be considered as freelancers. They do not work as a permanent employee for a company instead, work for multiple brands based on contracts. There are pros and cons of being a freelancer. So, let’s find out what are the main pros and cons of being a freelancer.

1.   Pros Being A Freelancer

1.1.       Freedom of Choice

The first advantage of being a freelancer is the freedom to choose the clients to work with. A freelancer can accept orders if they think the client is worthy enough to work. Moreover, freelancer can accept an order only if they are interested in the specific project or readily available. But if you work for a company, you have to do every task that is delegated to you by your superiors.

1.2.       Work at any Place

Imagine that you are a freelancing blog writer or a graphic designer. You will able to find clients online. There are platforms such as Fiverr.com, freelancers.com and peopleperhour.com etc. A freelancer can find clients online even without meeting the clients physically. Therefore, freelancers can work from home and it is one of the cost-saving advantages of being a freelancer.

This would save money because he doesn’t have to spend money on travelling to work, purchasing office wear and workplace maintenance etc.

1.3.       No Profit Sharing

A freelancer can work alone without forming a partnership. Therefore, a freelancer can earn the entire profit himself/herself from the job they do. It will them to help to have a quality lifestyle and expand the business or invest in resources that help to do their job more efficiently.

2.   Cons of Being a Freelancer

2.1.       No Fixed Salary

One of the biggest disadvantages of being a freelancer is the fluctuations in income. It can be a bit stressful in low-income months. Because most of the clients will be temporary and short term.  Therefore, it is less likely to have long term projects that freelancers can work on.

The freelancers can select a job category that they can have long term repeat clients. That would help them to secure and maintain a constant income every month. Moreover, the freelancers can give offers and discounts to repeating clients to motivate them to hire again.

2.2.       Isolation and Alienate

When a freelancer work from home, it can cause them to have lesser social interactions. The long-term loneliness may lead to depression as well.  If you are a freelancer, you may keep thinking about how to be more socialize and eliminate the negative feelings of isolation. You can beat the isolation by changing the way you work.

  • Go for a walk and meet new people.
  • Work at a public place such as a coffee shop or a library.
  • Be honest about you being alone and meet your friends.
  • Take care of a pet.

If you are a new freelancer, you can team up with online freelancer communities to be more socialise and exchange ideas as well.


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