5 Fantastic Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

5 Fantastic Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

Have you ever felt drained and discouraged to do anything? Your vital energy is very much connected to your creativity. If you are feeling low and unmotivated, no surprise, your creativity is struggling.

Worry no more! Try these 5 powerful yet simple exercises to unlock your creativity and see the new colours in your life.

1. Declutter your Life and See The New Creative Energy Coming Your Way

Have you ever noticed that you feel low in cluttered spaces? If you are a sensitive person, you can feel the energies of spaces easily when entering them.

Messy rooms are a bit of ‘vampires’. They suck your energy and don’t let you finish your business or come up with new ideas. When the room is cluttered, the energy can’t flow freely. So, forget about your creativity. Creativity is life. And it needs clean spaces – inside and outside.

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Start with decluttering your wardrobe/room/flat/house/garage. Get rid of everything that is either broken or unused for a long time.

Once you have thrown away a tonne of things that you are not even using, the vital energy will flow better. Besides, you will feel refreshed and ready for the new achievements.


Try New DIY Crafts

2. Try New DIY Crafts

Craft and DIY is a great way to unlock your creative potential. It has lots of benefits such as emerging yourself in positive emotions, having some time on your own, finding out what you truly love doing to name a few. And one of the best things about it is that you can do it for as long as you wish.

Why not try a new craft every month? There is so much to choose from: embroidery, painting, paper cutting, sewing, painting your walls, etc. Nowadays, we have all the needed resources online or easily delivered to your doorstep. So, it’s almost a crime not to emerge yourself in all the options.

For example, download a very affordable paper cut template and start creating! Not only you will have fun doing the crafts, but you will also make a few nice things to make your house look better. Paper cutting is a very therapeutic exercise that will improve your creativity and calm you down at the same time.

Explore Your Senses

3. Explore Your Senses

Exploring your senses is a great way of discovering new things in the world and brings the same benefits as meditation. We have 5 basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain all the time. This helps us understand, discover and perceive the world we live in.

  • Sight. These days we are very visual, we receive a lot of information with sight. Just think about it – very visual social media content, videos, infographics, books. And even this article. It’s visual. At the moment you receive the information with the help of sight.

How to improve your creativity with sight?

Select one object that you use often and look at it for 5 minutes. Find new details over this time. After looking at the same object for a long time, we start seeing more details, colours. This improves our creativity.

  • Hearing. Now, imagine this article was a podcast. In this case, you would have used your ears. Ask yourself: What is easier for you? Visual or Audio?

How to improve your creativity with hearing?

Wear earplugs for a couple of hours. You will be surprised how many new sounds you will hear. Even though, you think there is no logic to it. Try it!

  • Touch. We also receive information by touching things. Could you tell a difference between hot and cold water? How about texture?

How to improve your creativity with touching?

Close your eyes and touch different samples of fabric. Can you tell a difference between fabrics? Which one is cotton, leather, velvet? Also, try with paper. Which one is thicker or thinner, matt or silk finish etc? Explore and enjoy.

  • Smell. We receive different smell information with the olfactory cleft. It’s found on the roof of the nasal cavity, next to the “smelling” part of the brain, the olfactory bulb and fossa.

How to improve your creativity with smell?

Order yourself a pack of perfume samples. BTW, many companies offer them online for free. Again, close your eyes, to activate other senses more and smell different perfume. Alternatively, use different perfume every day and try to spend a bit of time smelling it. With time, you will be able to find a difference and even name particular ingredients.

  • Taste. The gustatory sense is usually broken down into the perception of five basic tastes: sweet, bitter, tart, sour and salty.

How to improve your creativity with taste?

Set some time aside, choose your favourite food, close your eyes and slowly eat your food. Can you find a difference between sweet, bitter, tart, sour and salty? Is your food still as tasty if you close your nose and don’t smell for a while?

Remember, we receive information through all the senses we have. But some people tend to be more visual or understand the information with the audio better. We are all different, but it’s in our hands to unlock your creativity and improve all 5 senses and beyond.

4. Observe Everything and Find Differences

This is a very simple yet useful exercise when it comes to unlocking your creative potential. Doy you remember a ‘spot the difference’ game? This could be a good start. Emerge yourself in childhood and try to find the difference between the two pictures.

If you have a bit more free time, get outside. Spot the difference between windows, leaves, cars, flowers, fruits and everything you could find outside.

This exercise will help you to improve the way you see the details of everything. Creativity is all about being very detailed and combine these details to start with.

Go With a Flow

5. Say “YES” to Yourself for a Day and Just Go With a Flow

And we, finally, come to our favourite way to unlock your creativity. This exercise helps to establish a connection with subconscious. As a result, you will trust yourself more and make the right choices in your life. This is guaranteed because subconscious knows more than conscious and gives you the ‘true information’.

Try a Yes/No Game for at least one day. What does your gut feeling say?

These are the rules. All-day long before doing something or making a decision, ask yourself:

  • Do I want this?
  • Is this right for me?
  • Should I go with it?

A dishonest yes is a no to yourself. – Byron Katie

Be honest with yourself. If the answer is ‘no’, don’t do it. With time and practice, you will establish a great connection with subconscious. This will help you to make a decision faster and easier.

If you would like to learn more ways how to improve your creativity and unlock the potential, contact Yuliya directly to set up a one-to-one online NLP session.


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