5 Autumn Fashion Essentials 2018

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Summer has quickly faded and like a flash, fall rushes right in. With the welcoming of fall comes the question: what 2018 autumn wardrobe essentials do I need? Every #woman is different.  We all have our favourite brands, styles, colours and shapes to pick from. But at the same time, we want to be a true #fashionist.

The autumn essentials 2018 that I will be highlighting include #kneeboots, #hats, #leopardprint blouses, #mididresses and checkered #coats in hopes for you to choose a couple of trends and styles that you would like to include in your wardrobe.

If you are unable to find the style, shape or colour that I talk about in this article, remember there are plenty of styles out in the #fashion world to take your pick from.


Knee boots are fun, modern and #trendy. These #stylish boots available in different shaft heights, heel widths, colours and styles. A no-brainer – black suede boots with a small black heel would look amazing worn with a midi dress.

But, if you wish to stand out then think about white leather boots with a stiletto style heel, paired with dark blue jeans and a white sweater. For the #casuallook pair black suede boots that have a wedge with an all-black #outfit that has a white undershirt hanging below the top shirt and throw on a floppy hat to keep the sun away.

A comfortable look: brown leather small heel boots showcasing black leggings, a long white T-shirt coming off one shoulder, a sweater and a brown beanie.


These style dresses have existed for decades but became increasingly popular in #London in the 1960s and have seen an increase in popularity. These gems have side pockets, short sleeves, semi-fitted style, V necklines, tie belts at the waist, centre cut necklines, zip fastens and come in fashionable colours and prints.

Grey knee boots and a V-Grey knee boots and V-neck midi dress would create a versatile outfit.  After finishing your work day, put on some silver jewellery and a hat. Head over to a trendy restaurant to meet friends. Enjoy!


The checkered #coat has long been a staple in the #fashion world. Colours range from the black & white style to pink & black. The colour schemes are endless and the fashion designers are taking advantage of that, making this item a true 2018 #AutumnEssential item to have hanging in your closet.

One of my faves, Versace designed a wool tartan plaid coat with mink fur that I adore. It’s a long coat with detachable collar and full-length sleeves – absolute #musthave in every #fashionista’s wardrobe. Wearing this over an elegant evening gown would definitely make you the talk of the evening in how great your sense of #style is.


Another staple is the #leopardprint #blouse. I love pairing it with the black high-waisted trousers and leather boots with metal details from @isabelmarant. I think it’s an easy look that will work for some offices and going out after work too. Why not?!

Adding gold and silver jewellery or a handbag will emphasise the leopard print and adds a spotlight on you that shows how #elegant you are. Try to stay consistent with the colour of the accessories you choose – you will look more #chic!


Hats are so versatile that they stay trendy which feels now like forever. And they are able to brighten up any look within seconds. For example, the Beret style looks darling with a soft colour blouse or sweater, dark blue jeans and black knee boots. A classy hat like the one I am wearing makes any #outfit looking #edgy. On the other hand, the best thing about a beanie is one size fits all. The choice is yours!


With so many new styles and designs available these days, whatever trend you decide on adding to your wardrobe, is great. Just remember, the more comfortable you feel in what you are wearing, the happier you are

P.S. If you are in London and you need a fashion stylist or a wardrobe consultant, just contact me via email at yuliya.oleynykova@gmail.com. I’d love to have you amongst my lovely clients!

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