Are you stressed out because of too much workload? Do you feel like you did not deliver good results, had to skip some of your tasks due to lack of time and now feel guilty? The main problem here is poor time management. Lack of time management skills may negatively affect not only your career but a work-life balance too. If you don’t deliver your projects on time, sometimes, you will have to bring your work tasks at home. Now, forget about the date night, you have to work.

In this article, I am going to reveal 4 ways to improve your time management skills. If you would like to become more organised and effective, keep on reading!

1.   Delegation of Work

I have learnt the hard way that if I want to be more effective and develop my projects, I need to start delegating my work. The delegation, usually, is the process of assigning authority of tasks among a few employees or personal assistance. Don’t think that you have to be a massive company with a huge turnover to start delegating. I will tell you more. You won’t be able to grow a small business if, at some point, you will not start buying time and skills of others.

The delegation helps to achieve goals and complete the tasks faster. Plus, as an owner of the company, you will safe time thinking about the small things and will be able to invest that time in more crucial aspects of your company/project to grow. Therefore, it is important to know who can do a specific job efficiently. Business leaders must be aware of on-going projects, but not diving into details. In addition, leaders must analyse all the time: “are there any services we can use to get something done faster?”.

Say, you are working on creating the website for local food delivery or a wedding company. Why would you waste your time creating the logo and other visuals? If you can buy the car svg or diamond svg design bundles for as cheap as a couple of pounds and save lots of time? Same with the rest. Always check the market and see if there are services and professionals that can do your job faster and cheaper? By using those, you will start focusing on more important things and grow your business.

2.   Prioritize Your Work

Prioritization of your work is crucial! You should always focus on identifying what is important and what is not important. The importance of tasks can be decided based on the deadlines, required time for the job, benefits of completing the job and risk of not doing the specific job etc. Sometimes you may think some of the tasks at work are not that important, but it can be an essential step to complete another task. So, you cannot ignore it.

Therefore, you must know how to prioritize your jobs well. It would help you to visualize what is highly important and what is not important. This is an ongoing process which you can do daily or multiple times a day. Don’t think prioritizing is only about your work. In general, if you know your values and goals, your life becomes easier and you safe a lot of time because you stop wasting it on non-important things. Trust me, it works like magic!

3.   Set Deadlines

Now you have prioritized your tasks. But would that assure that you can finish tasks on time? The answer is  “No”. The next time management skill is setting deadlines for your tasks. The deadline should be realistic. The time duration should be decided based on the client’s expected date.

Next, you should decide when you should start your tasks to meet the deadline. To do that, you must be aware of your skills and skills of colleague’ as well. Some of the employees may need more time to complete their tasks while others complete the task quickly. Therefore, you must decide when you should start the task to meet the deadline based on the skills of each employee.

4.   Plan Your Breaks

You may start to feel tired even though the job you are doing is interesting. Therefore, you must plan your breaks. Every 30 minutes you may start to feel tired. So, you can just stand up from your desk and walk around for one minute to relax. It will give a boost to continue your job more efficiently. Don’t forget to factor some rest in between the bigger projects, so you can stay effective. Rest is as important as work. Want to be effective and sharp? Rest!

Some of you may like to listen to music for a few minutes or have a nap for a few minutes. Some of you may need a day off from work and rest at home. The required free time may vary based on the type of job that you do.


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