3 Tips on How to Style Patches Like a Pro

3 Tips on How to Style Patches Like a Pro

With people calling it the season of denim and patches, the trends from the 80s’ and 90s’ are back! Patches have become one of the coolest accessories in past few months and its time you must learn some pro tips on how to style them on to your denim and shirts.

Today I share my top 3 tips on how to wear the patch fashion trend. 

Tiny is Cute

Tiny patches give an edgy look to clothing items like shirts, sweatshirts and vintage denim jacket. The tiny patch must be a single object. Don’t use small patches with a lot of details. Too many objects in one single patch can make it look too clumsy and sloppy. Try flowers, fruits, road signs or logos. As an option, apply a group of small patches next to each other to create a story or even a sentence made of objects. How fun is this?

Pocketing Done Right

One big patch on your back denim pocket or front jacket pocket is all that is needed to get it absolutely right at one glance. You can use smileys, flowers and bingo balls or some text or anything as long as its big and bold. I love attaching big patches to my backpack with safety pins. This way, I can always remove or replace them with different ones when my mood changes.


Sneaky Knees

Make good use of your torn jeans by creating some sneaky looks. Instead of the usual patch on the outside, patch them inside of the jeans and create a small vent on the place you want the patch to be seen. Then go ahead and cover it up with a patch of your choice.

These fun, colourful and interesting patches are meant to enhance your personality in a way that truly sets you apart from the crowd. Ironing the patches is easy and the time taken to iron them is as much as one spends playing on bingo sites with no deposit bonus, i.e., about 2-3 minutes. So, go ahead and get those quirky looking patches on your denim and shirts and go sassy once again.


Are you going to try a patches fashion trend?

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