Our eyes are something that we should give extra care. Most of us are working in front of a computer all day long. Therefore, taking care of the eyes is really important. At the moment you maybe not having any problems with your eyes. But do you know that you can prevent future vision problems with the help of eyewear?

Some of you may do not like to wear the glasses due to the overall look it gives to your face, face colour or shape. But it’s just a matter of research.

So how can we make it fashionably attractive to anyone we face? You can get your glasses designed according to following women’s eyewear trends. Furthermore, you can find a wide selection of glasses on Mister Spex.

1.    Clear Transparent Framed Glasses

Clear & transparent framed eyewear is not a new innovation in the fashion industry. But the popularity of transparent is increasing as one of the 2020 eyewear trends. They come in a variety of choices to be selected. These transparent framed glasses are also known as translucent frames.

This is a versatile design which both women and men can wear irrespective of their complexion. They complement any shape of faces as well.


2.    Millennial Dusted Pink Glasses

If you are not aware of the millennial dusted pink, just think about pink bubble gum. It is a cool unique 2020 eyewear trend. The millennial dusted pink glasses will add a carefree vibe to your overall look. But you should not wear dark or warm colour outfits to steal it. So, keep in mind to wear light colours that would not steal the vibe that your millennial dusted pink glasses adds.

3.    Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames

The 3rd 2020 eyeglasses trend is horn-rimmed glasses. The horn-rimmed glasses are also known as cat eyeglasses. The most common horn-rimmed eyeglasses frames are made with tortoiseshells or horns. Therefore, most of them come in brown or dark colours.  But there are so many colour options available in the year 2020. They are made of plastic. You can select any colour that matches your skin or eyes.

Did you know that the teal frames look cool in tortoiseshell patterns? If you have brown eyes, teal is the ideal colour that you should select. But you have the freedom to select any colour that makes you happy when you see yourself in the mirror.

4.    Vintage Nude Colour Eyeglasses

The vintage nudes frame is another one of the top upcoming 2020 women’s eyewear trends. These glasses frames are designed in caramel, beige and light brown etc. colours. The light nude colours add extra boldness to your overall look while brownish darker colours give more definition to your face.

5.    Purple Colours Eyeglasses

The final 2020 fashion trend is purple colour eyeglasses.  The purple colour adds a royal and feminist appeal.  The purple colour glasses will turn you into a person with confidence.  These purple colour eyeglasses can be purchased in various shapes and you can select the cat-eye shape, oval and circle shapes etc. based on your face shape.

So, there are a lot of eyewear trends to choose from. Alternatively, you can always go for contact lenses while you find your perfect match!


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