2019 Hair Style Trends

2019 Hair Style Trends

New Year – New Hair Do?! But how do you know that your latest chop is on trend? From pixie cuts to bangs – I’ve compiled some of the ‘in’ trends this year, as well as some top tips for hair styling that will make you the envy of the room!

10 Hot Hair Trends This Year

See some of the latest trends – and make sure that your hair is on style this year!


Twin braids are making an appearance again! Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin both sport the throwback look, which is easy to put in and even easier to maintain. Sport a tight or loose braid depending on your look and experiment with moving the braids closer to each other in the middle of your head until you find the perfect look you want.


The fringe is back! Whether you want a block fringe or soft blunted bangs, there’s a style to suit everyone. Bangs are easy to put in and only require a little maintenance to keep looking stylish. Cover your forehead and cut your bangs off above the eyes, or go one step further and cover your eyes with long strands. Keep your bangs maintained easily with your own pair of hair scissors.

Warm Colours

Replace your cooler, ashy colours with warm and vibrant tones that show off your fun and laid-back personality. Warm colours are the latest trend for 2019, so ditch the cold shades and brighten up your hairstyle.

Sea-Teased Tangles

Hit the beach (or at least give the appearance of doing so) with sun-kissed wave-sprayed hair. Your tousled locks can be achieved easily with a surf spray or sea-mist (we recommend Aussie Miracle Beach Waves Spray) to let you channel coastal vibes from the comfort of your home.

High Ponytail

Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid sport the effortless high ponytail, which lets you show off sleek cheekbones and draws attention to your best features. The scraped back ponytail gives a neat look and, whilst the tightly drawn-back hairstyle isn’t recommended to be worn for prolonged amounts of time, it’s perfect for casual or formal occasion alike.

Messy Buns

Chic (and effortless) the messy bun is an easy style for all seasons. A tousled messy bun radiates a casual yet elegant style that’s playful. Suitable for any time of day, the messy bun is a treasured style that can be created in seconds – meaning you can throw it up easily, no matter where you are.

The Neat Bob

Have fun with a neat bob that cuts off at the chin. Keeping the bob straight can require some work – but the results are worth it. The versatile hairstyle suits a range of looks, making it ideal for the woman who likes to mix up her wardrobe on a regular basis.

The Pixie Cut

A timeless classic, the pixie cut makes it onto the hottest trends list for another year. Going short for the first time is a bold move, but the cool style of the pixie cut means you can do so confidently. Follow in the footsteps of Keira Knightley, Katy Perry and Zendaya today.

Layered Looks

Add volume and texture to your hair, whilst creating the appearance of a longer style with layers. Cutting layers into your hair is the perfect way to transform and freshen your look without a drastic change.

Hair Accessories

The latest trend for 2019 is making hair accessories the focal point of your hairstyle. Spruce up your look with a vibrant bandana, or finish a bun with an elegant vintage pin.

Achieving Your Dream Style

Some of the latest looks can be easily achieved with the help of a few key tools. Professional hairdressing scissors are a vital piece of equipment to produce a sharp, precise cut that will give you a dynamic style to help you stand out against the crowd. There is a huge range of scissors available, with each personal brand bringing its own spin to the market. Kasho scissors are the perfect cutting tool to help you achieve the latest hot hair trends, with a huge collection of scissors that covers both right and left-hand users. Bobs, bangs and textured layers can all be achieved effortlessly with their wide range of scissors – pick from a straight or offset handle and choose a range of blade sizes dependent on your styles.

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