15+ Glamorous Shaggy Hairstyles

15+ Glamorous Shaggy Hairstyles

Being one of the most convenient haircuts, shaggy hairstyles won our love in the 90s. Do you remember the slouchy and surprisingly elegant look of Jennifer Aniston playing legendary Rachel in “Friends”? It was she, who gave the new birth to shag haircut, and since then such a style has remained in top places. Our current obsession with 80-90s serves only to reinforce global admiration to shaggy hairstyles. Modern stylists are greatly “bolder and braver” than their colleagues several decades ago, but they have learned how to make a seemingly careless look, which still can be neat and suitable everywhere.

Here I have some truly amazing examples of shaggy hairstyles for you to fall in love with them once and for all.

Shaggy Long Bob for Curly Hair

If you think shaggy hairstyle takes a great amount of time – be sure you are wrong. Even cute waves can be easily styled if having a shaggy haircut. Bangs are also quite suitable here, being short enough to keep hair out of the stare. Finally, it looks very natural.

Shaggy Rock Style

A feminine shaggy hairstyle can be easily transformed into straight rock chic – just feel free to add more metal accessories and minimalistic makeup.

Shaggy Razor Cut

Short hairstyles always draw the people’s attention, accentuating face lines and making eyes more opened. However, wet look effect can accelerate personal uniqueness of a shaggy hairstyle owner too, especially noting the fact it is summer now – the time of seaside parties and sparkling wet hair. Well, who wants this free surfer girl hairstyle?

Posh Pixie

If you want to add some colour to your life, do it! With such a hairstyle you are guaranteed with feeling the free and perfect mood.

Mid Layered Retro Shag

Turn your long bangs into fabulous retro style, which gained momentum in the previous year and still keeps the high position in hairstyles charts. This shag suits all face forms and skin complexion, as well as is easy to pull up if needed.

Short Shaggy Hairstyle

Who said that short hairstyles look amazing only with straight hair? Curly Pixie and sunglasses can create an ultra fashionable look within a minute and without any efforts. Well, except for the efforts to find sunglasses.

Volumized Shaggy Hairstyle

With extremely elevated thin curls even unnatural hair colour will look light and ladylike.

Brunette Shaggy Medium Bob

The girls having freckles represent one of the most popular appearance types. Shaggy hairstyle with several locks of bright colour, complementing your natural one, will favourably highlight your freckles (if any), or just accentuate your tanned skin.

Glamourous Pixie Shag

Previous generations considered pixie cut to be a bit manlike and, probably, only tomboys or really venturesome girls could take a liberty of this hairstyle. The contemporary world shows us that even this slightly wild style can be classic and elegant if complemented with perfect natural makeup.

Textured Shaggy Mid Cut

Sick and tired with long hair and all those natural looks? Don’t be shy to try being more forthright with what you are, and show the world how beautiful freedom can be with this hairstyle. Don’t forget to add some bright colours and your style will play favourites to you.

Shaggy Silver Blond Style

If you are searching for a tireless and strong look, update your haircut with metallic hues. Such a trick will allow you to feel cool even on hot summer days.

Universal Shaggy Mid Cut

Perfectly smooth and definite business style can cause boredom sometimes, instead of proper seriousness. However, long curls can bring freshness without violating the dress code, if needed.

Mid Shaggs with Bangs

Blonde colour and tanned skin are elements always perfect to mix. Cut the bangs, style the hair with curling mousse and be sure you will look stunning all day long.

Long Shaggy Locks

If you have heavy long bangs, which used to be difficult to style, you should know that now you can go for a walk without spending a great pack of time to your hair. A trendy shaggy look can be achieved with a comb and several minutes, and summer wind will help you to keep it perfect.

Layered Shaggy Hairstyle

Kicking sharp hair edges are the best way possible to catch the attention. Remember, that shaggy hairstyle is no longer associated with messy curls: now it is easy to have your haircut straight and still glamorous. This very hair texture is the best one for fine hair – let your hairstyle be volumized without your personal efforts.

Natural Shags

Natural and slightly sun-kissed curls are always impressive and are convenient in day-to-day life.


What is your favourite shaggy hairstyle?

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