Our mental status is essential to be productive at work. But there are circumstances which prevent us from being efficient at work. Work anxiety is one example that can slow down our tasks and lead to a lesser productive employee.  Moreover, work anxiety can sabotage the relationships between work colleagues as well.

So, how can you minimize the damage that anxiety at work causes? In this article, I am going to reveal 10 tips to manage anxiety at work.

1.    Know Every Colleagues’ Name

It is normal to sometimes forget names. So, don’t be afraid to ask their name politely. If you know the name, it will help to maintain a solid relationship.  You can try some of the tricks that let your colleagues reveal their names.

  • Ask their Instagram username or ask them to follow you.
  • Ask their email address.

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2.   Get Help

Some jobs may require more than one person’s labour. Therefore, you do not have to feel work anxiety and worry about the work that you cannot finish on time. You can let your boss or superiors know that you need more help from other colleagues to finish the work on time. Your HR department should be really helpful in these situations and should always be there in your times of need, no matter what your situation is. If you’re finding that your HR department isn’t being as helpful as they could be, or perhaps aren’t well educated on your anxiety, maybe suggest improvements they could make so that you feel more comfortable in your working environment. If you need some suggestions, here is a HR company we like. You could pick and choose some of the qualities of this HR company and pass those on to your HR team to improve services.

This would help you to prevent stressful and hectic situations. Hence asking help would signal your superiors that you actually care about your job and responsibilities.

If you feel stuck in your current role, then it may be time to have a conversation with your boss about your situation. Open up to him or her about where you see yourself heading in the future and the challenges you’re currently facing getting to the next level of success. They may have some ideas for you and will likely support you in your journey to getting your career back on track. Ask to have regular meetings or performance review sessions so you can closely monitor your progress and be able to prove to your boss that you have the skills and talent to take on more responsibilities. – Read more herer: HOW TO GET YOUR CAREER BACK ON TRACK.

3.   Do Not Gossip

Most of the workplace enemies are a result of gossiping. Are you also addicted to gossiping about other employees? This would give you a temporary entertainment. But it can turn into a tense and work anxiety situation as well. You may share gossips you collected with your buddies and they would do the same. But can you guarantee that they would not gossip about you as well when you are not around?

What if someone else knew that you are spreading rumours or gossip about them? That would damage the relationship between you and them. We should make our working place stress free and enemy-free. Therefore, stop small talks and gossip.

4.    Realistic Deadlines

Stressed and nervous employees may agree to deliver their job on a specific date even though it is not realistic. Therefore, you must always ask for enough time to finish your job. Because you should complete your task by maintaining the standard quality.

If you agree to deliver a project at an unrealistic time duration, it will lead to work anxiety. You may even have to work at home to finish your job on time.

5.    Do Not Demotivate Yourself & Others

Jealous employees drag others down.  It doesn’t mean that you also have to response them in the same way. Insulting and dragging others down can be another work anxiety source.


 6.    Let Others Contribute

Have you ever felt that your opinions do not matter at work? Or other colleagues neglect your inputs? Maybe that’s because you also treat them the same way. How can we eliminate this? You can value others’ opinions. Let others contribute and invite them to contribute. Ask them “What are you thinking if we do so?” etc.

7.    Clear Communication

Sometimes there can be misunderstandings at work due to communication barriers. So, you should have clear communication in your workplace. Let others know what is going on and if there is any issue at the office have a conversation and clear the doubts. It will help to maintain a smooth and work anxiety-free environment.

8.    Use Technology & Resources

We cannot function properly without having enough resources. For example, you may feel stress at work due to a slow computer or an internet connection. Imagine that you work on a slow internet computer and you have to deliver your task within an hour. This would put your job at risk and make an anxiety work environment. Let your supervisors know that you need better resources.

A human can never say that he/she has learned everything. The process of learning keeps going until death. In this way, it is understood that you must always be ready to learn. Instead of thinking that you have gained everything and there is no need to learn further, just keep your eye on the next goal to achieve. In this way, you will be able to succeed in a career and live a contented and happy life.

Encourage Colleagues

9.    Encourage Colleagues

Synergy is very important when you have to work in a group. Therefore, motivating yourself and other employees are very important. If you are a superior or the boss, you can arrange motivational programmes for your employees. This would cost you some money but benefits you in the long run.

10. Do not skip your meals

Another ignored thing is your meals. Maybe the only meal you consume at work is your lunch. So, do you eat your lunch on time? You should not sacrifice your health. Therefore, you should eat on time no matter how busy you are. It will help you to be productive at work and work smoothly. Because we cannot give our maximum contribution without having enough energy.

These work anxiety prevention tips will benefit you positively in your career in the long run. Therefore always try to follow them and be successful.


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